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Big things coming for our small shop!

Big things coming for our small shop!

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Big things for PrairieWilds


This year past year has been a crazy one!  2020 turned our collective lives upside down, and saw our little crew relocated to another COUNTRY!  I am not kidding when I say we had big plans for the fall of 2020 - I was gearing up for an expansion of our sizing, a BIG campaign to grow and then BOOM - you gotta move in 30 days.... 

So all the plans I had, well they met with the pit.  I had to put everything on hold, which was cool cause hey we gotta do what'ya gotta do!  We moved and I had to set back up in a whole new space.  This was exciting but also so scary.  I am so glad to say that we made it in one piece, and this little shop is ready to blow the roof off 2021 - so let's goooo!!


It seems like the World has woken up to the fact that mamas freakin do it all!  With the World essentially shutting down, we stepped up and took one for the team.  We have been there for our kids and family in ways we never have had to before - and holy crap it has been a ride! 

Holding others up is the way we have been taught, so saying goodbye to our me time (which for the entire year of lockdown I was never, ever alone, not once !  I am sure I am not the only mama) So - this fired me the F up!  This mamahood is not for the faint of heart - people who parent kids now a days are the best multi-taskers ever made, but somehow there always seems to be one person who gets the last piece of crusty butt bread, the ugly pancakes, the cold shower because all the water was used up.... and that usually ends up being the mom.

Digging deep to dream BIG THINGS

Ever had that feeling?  The feeling of being last in line, making sacrifices for your kids and feeling less than?  I love my tiny humans more then breathing but I swear sometimes I feel like if I buy myself something new I am cheating on my kids!  I know I am not the only one... that's when I decided that PrairieWilds needed to shout from rooftops that we are WORTHY!  The excitement I feel in my soul about our new BIG THING is palpable.  I wake up every day with this new mission and I am FIRED UP I tell ya!!  We are valid and deserving of things that make us feel ourselves!  We need to fall back in love with taking care of ourselves.  It's time to retire the clothes that don't feel good, that don't make you the best you there is!  You deserve a closet full of pieces that make you feel your best!  Our Purpose - our MISSION - to help people feel good in their skin!  When you put on a piece from our PrairieWilds Worthy Collection you will be wearing something that will make you feel like the most amazing version of you! From drop off to date night, you are worthy of clothing that makes you feel remarkable!

confetti prairiewilds

What you wear is Selfcare

So here we go ladies - we are in it now, and this is how we can connect to ourselves, give back to ourselves and serve our family the best we can.  By investing in ourselves and our self care.  Gone are the days of - oh take a shower that's me time - hell no!  That's not what we are about, or what we need.  We need to feel good, valid and lifted up by how we show up every day in this life, and doing that means being confident and comfortable - and I am right here with you helping you do do just that, be an amazing human!

Stay sassy my friends,



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