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Fun and simple Easter crafts for kids!

Fun and simple Easter crafts for kids!

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OMGEEE it's almost Easter!  How has this been a year since we celebrated our first lockdown holiday?  The first holiday that we had to zoom to see our family, send a group email to catch up instead of enjoying a coffee after a family style eat too much type of dinner.  I am so grateful that we have made it through this year healthy and growing as a family unit.  This year has not been easy for anyone, and I feel for our kiddos who have had to change their entire lives pretty much over night.  But now as we enter into a season of loosening lockdowns and vaccines I am so hopeful for the future!

Now... onto my Easter crafts for kids so that you can breathe in between cooking and chilling and screaming, cause we all know we are gonna be yelling at those cooped up kiddos!

Easter Bunny table names 

I make the kids responsible for setting the table these days, and something fun to engage them in is making table settings for everyone coming for dinner!  This is a great repurpose project for your cardboard egg cartons - they make perfect 'egg placeholders'.  And here's how to do it!

  • Grab your egg cartons and get your kids to cut them out in singles - so they look like upside down eggs. 
  • throw a plastic table cloth over your kitchen table and let them go to town painting, glueing, sticking whatever the heck they want on these things!  Who is going to say oh your kids art is fugly - NO ONE - so let them have the time of their lives making a mess, this will give you time to cook, clean, drink wine... whatever you need to sort out the day.  This might take 5 seconds, or 10 minutes so you better hustle now!
  • heart for easterOnce dry, you can give them pipecleaners, pieces of cut out paper (which I keep 
    lots on hand since we try to keep scraps to repurpose) and get those kids some glue sticks  - those little eggies need ears!
  • Mom or Dad or the oldest kiddo who can read/write can make up little name tags and those can be glued onto the eggies and voila - name tag place settings!

**For the purposes of this post, the role of Easter Bunny is being played by a heart and my daughter who decided she would rather show you her art from school then the craft we made... you are welcome**

Bunny Punch

I am a mean mom.  My kids think I am at least - because I do not let them drink juice.  Juice to them is lemons or frozen fruit in water or a smoothie with all the greens and fruit and vitamins... so yeah I am not always popular when it comes to juice.  But on holidays, I like to splurge!  So bunny punch is basically whatever you want it to be - hehehe - bait and switch people!  I am not above bribing my kids with 'goodies' to get them engaged in the process, so here is our version of Bunny punch (and no it is not actually punching a bunny haha!!

  • We picked up a big punch bowl thing from Costco many moons ago - and it has a little spout so that the kids can get juice whenever they want - this is like a magic water fountain of yummy water and the kids are HERE FOR IT!
  • They all help - and usually Dad is in charge of this project - so again, you get some time off - just a good idea to prep so that you don't have the inevitable honey where is this or that q's from the hubs...
  • We get sparkling water and mix with regular water, fruits, lemons, sometimes we add a few tablespoons of sugar free ice tea mix and the load up with ice, and voila you are done!
  • Keep in a spot where they can access it, put a towel underneath the spout and on the floor (cause it will get messy) and let them have some fun.  it is a veritable free for all, senses bursting kid extravaganza and I am sure that it is something they look forward to because they talk about it for weeks afterwards... man my kids are sheltered haha!

Religious crafts for the kids

Easter for us is also a very important time, because we celebrate the resurrection of the body of Jesus Christ.  As practicing Catholics it is important for us to teach our children about the amazing miracle that is His life and sacrifice for us. Last year during lockdown Easter we watched children's movies on Youtube, some cute Veggie Tales and did some coloring crafts the teachers had sent home.  This year we are attempting a macaroni cross project!  It is super easy, and realistically it is more about the discussion with the kids then the actual project, so we don't make it too serious, and the kids really love to glue macaroni and it is great for their fine motor control.

  • get yourself any kind of macaroni that you have extra of in the pantry ( we always have a random bin or almost used up stuff I just throw in there for projects)
  • They can use the 'fancy glue' as my kids call it - the white paste glue - to create their version of a cross, or a rock, whatever they are able to manage.
  • Then once dry they can paint it and we can spend some time talking about why we celebrate Easter and what it is all about.

So there you have it - oh I forgot one more.... it is just for mom and dad though...

Bunny Hug - Adult drink

This delicious punch is adult approved, and gives you the warm and fuzzies in a 'I don't have to cuddle a bunny" kind of way!  Enjoy while prepping Easter dinner, while relaxing in your living room or while basting the Turkey, it makes everything taste better!

1 tetra pack of Pineapple Juice

1 can of frozen cranberry juice (or a non frozen pre-made one, 4 cups or so)

1 can of frozen lemonade

2L Ginger ale or diet Sprite - whatever you prefer

1 1/2 to 3 cups of Vodka, Gin, Flavored Rum ( I love the coconut one, so I feel like I'm in the tropics...)

Mix up with a boatloat of ice cubes, serve and enjoy!!

So in conclusion, stay safe, have fun, eat Turkey and enjoy your family.  If this past year has taught us anything it is to take stock of the little moments - they go by so fast and our littles are growing so quickly these precious times will be gone in the blink of an eye.  I wish nothing but happiness and love for you and your family this Easter season - positive vibes and good times coming your way!

Stay sassy my lady friends!



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