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What to know about product mix for your Shop

What to know about product mix for your Shop

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Oh hey how’s it going!?  I’m Erin, and this is my clothing company!  Our vision is simple to give every woman a chance to feel amazing in their clothing.  What you wear is SelfCare - from drop off to date night you deserve clothing that makes you feel remarkable – nice to meet you!  I wanted to share an article I wrote for Dreamer to Creator Magazine about product mixes and how to listen to your customers to move forward with your line.  So dive in and let me know what you think!

I am very excited to share with you some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the course of my entrepreneur life on how to create the right product mix for your business – so let’s get down to business!

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Step 1 – Listen to your customer

OK – I feel like this one should be a no brainer, but so many businesses (including mine) can be myopic about their products.  As an owner you can fall in love with something, put hours of work, sweat and money into it only to have it sit on the shelves.  Seeking out input from your customers, via facebook, Instagram, trade events, markets – is truly the best way to know if you are on the right track.  So before you decide to add that full body sleep sweater vest to your line up – you might want to check in with the people who follow, buy and love your shop, they will tell you the truth!

I'm wearing our amazing vest in this shot of our last Market before COVID, the amazing Signatures Indie Handmade Show in St. Albert, AB

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Step 2 – The law of attraction

Often times seeking out items that are complimentary to one another allows for cohesiveness with your brand.  If you are a candle company, it may not be a good idea to branch out into jewelry.  Setting up collections that are capsule, or run together is a great idea.  This also lends itself to your customer making a purchase of more then 1 item.  So if you sell bootie slippers – a scrunchie, head wrap, scarf or toque will engage the customer to see your items in proper use with one another and they will be more likely to buy more.  If they cannot see themselves in it, they won’t buy it.

I love pairing my kids in complimentary items from our shop, they often wear the leggings with our peplum or big pocket dress to school more times then not, and I find that there are lots of combinations for them to choose from - since they dress themselves, it makes me feel confident they will maybe pick something that matches?! I can always hope!!  The dress that they turn to most often is the big pocket dress, they love those big deep pockets!

Step 3 – Scarcity

I have found for one reason or another – being able to please everyone is not something an entrepreneur can do.  If I have joggers, someone wants shorts, if I have a dress, someone wants a shirt, purple they want pink – you get the point.  I wish I could have 10 of everything, but as a small shop it just isn't feasible, and also doesn't mesh well with our eco conscious mantra - environmentally friendly small batch production, we are not fast fashion and won't likely ever be, but you cannot please everyone – so having something for everyone shouldn’t be your goal.  As a shop owner, it's also hard to carry and pay for a lot of inventory, so the law or scarcity will go a long way for you!  Once this item is gone, it’s not coming back – so my advice is if you love it, buy it now before it’s too late.  This will also help you pivot if something you have is not working – so sell those candles that smell like feet at a steal to get them off your shelves, cause nobody is buying that!

At the end of it all, every day brings new opportunities to partner and grow your small business.  Creating the right product mix takes trial and error – sometimes the errors are no good bad ideas, but sometimes they are happy accidents that turn out to be winners!  Don’t be afraid of mistakes, relish in them!  As a small shop owner I have made a laundry list of mistakes but I know that I never make the same mistake twice – and for that there is wine, there is always wine!

Stay Sassy my friends


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