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You can stop growing up anytime...Birthday baby

You can stop growing up anytime...Birthday baby

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PrairieWilds birthdayBirthday Time!

This baby of mine, the one who made me a 'girl mom'.  She is an amazing, talented and vibrant human.  I am blessed to be her mama! Her birthday always sneaks up on me, and this is her second COVID birthday so making it special is important. I thought I'd write her birth story so one day she can look back and read how she came into this world, and how amazing she truly is!

Her birth story is a bit funny and mostly it was just fast!  I cannot believe it was 6 years ago that I was waiting to meet this super girl.

This Princess smiled from day 1 - she was the happiest baby and only had eyes for her big brother - who would come over and giggle at her and try to hold her hand constantly.  He was fascinated with all the noises she would make!  

How it went down (the quick version cause I gotta make dinner!)

I went into labour around midnight on the Saturday before her birth.  I felt lighting bolts surging through my stomach and woke straight up outta bed!  Went pee, and took some tylenol (which I took for my painful hip discomfort from her big ass head pushing down on my body!)  When I went back to bed, fell asleep and woke up to more crazy cramps.  I will back track and say I was NOT aware of what labour was like, because with big brother A - it was a cold section 2 weeks early because he was ginormous and was basically stuck cause of his huge ass head so all these feelings were new to me (and also why do I have to have all the big ass headed babies!?!?!)

Telling myself I was fine

I was going about my day, doing my thing.  Went for a walk and hung out with the hubs and I just kept feeling icky.  So finally at lunch I called L&D and they were like, oh 3 minutes apart, get your butt down here please!  I did not even have a bag packed!!  I was only at 38 weeks so I figured I had lots of time - bahahaha - stupid mom, I show up when I wanna she said!

Rolled into L&D and got hooked up to all the monitors... super fun stuff.  They said oh yes you are in labour, so here we go! and shortly after 7PM we had a bouncing baby girl.  7 lbs 13 oz, 19.5 inches long!  She was so happy and content!  I remember feeling very calm with her in my arms.  She was the sweetest little soul, and it felt a lot different then it did then with our 1st.  The best way to describe it is chill.  She was chill, I was chill.  The love I had for her was instant and she fit so nicely in my arms (cause she was a normal size baby - not my 9.5 pounder the first round!) and we just fit.  She has been my right hand lady since day one.

Adjusting to 2 under 2

This was certainly a concern for us.  Mr. A was very high energy and very dependent on me, and I was very worried about splitting my time, it was crazy at first but we worked out a schedule and got into a routine, and I think the two of them got to know each other really quickly.  I will say she was the total opposite of her brother - which took us totally by surprise.  The funny thing is we did not know A was on the spectrum until he was almost 4, so having a child who was neurotypical tackling those milestones and being so far ahead of the curve was new to us - so her crawling at 4 months, and walking at 7 and running on her 1st birthday was very new to us!!  She definitely made us work for her - it was always on her terms haha, which she kindly passed down to her sisters so you can imagine the work I have cut out for me come teenagerhood.

We LOVE her with all our hearts - this feisty, bright, quick witted powerhouse is just waiting to take on the world, and we are here to help her do it, whatever that looks like to her!  My greatest wish for her is that she knows she is truly supported, truly loved and is capable of creating the life she wants for herself, by herself with our little crew cheering her on.  Happy 6th birthday my little girlie!!

Stay sassy my friends,


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