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Erin Ruta, Owner, Head Clothing Designer and Sewist
Our Beginning
Erin started PrairieWilds as a small batch handmade clothing company because she was searching for unique prints, organic and natural fabrics with fun gender neutral designs - and couldn't find what she wanted, so PrairieWilds was born.  Her passion to create kid friendly clothing that moves and grows with your child is important to her - and her 4 kids are her favourite testers.


PrairieWilds was born with comfort, individuality and sustainability in mind.  The importance of using organic cotton and sustainable material along with unique Canadian designs has been our driving force from the beginning.  We believe that creating fun unisex fashion for kids is important and valued in the slow fashion industry.

Canadian designed high end Organic fabrics is our passion.  We partner with amazing Canadian female designers on our fabric surface pattern designs.

Our Organic Cotton PrairieWilds products are GOTS certified, and we are so very excited to share that our designs are being milled and printed in the United States, in an ecologically friendly process.  Our previous collection (winterwilds and springhop) batches were manufactured in Turkey in a small organic fabric mill and printhouse.

Environmental Considerations
Do we pre-shrink our fabrics? Since we have found our ecologically friendly digital printer - who works hard to conserve water and resources, we've decided to no longer pre-wash our fabrics.  This means that less water is used to create your clothing, from start to finish, and in addition it is printed with environmentally friendly inks with no unknown chemicals or harmful dyes. The water conservation program in place in our mill and print shop effectively saves more then 20 gallons of water per YARD of fabric printed - an amazing feat for a small batch manufacturer.

Our PairieWilds designed fabrics have been independently tested in a Canadian lab for Canadian standard flammability testing and have all passed those requirements.  As a manufacturer of children's clothing it is important to ensure these requirements are met, because we care about safety and quality.

Our organic products are GOTS certified, The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Canadian Compliance for small batch manufacturing
What is Canadian Compliance for small batch manufacturing - it is a Canadian program to ensure that children's clothing is safe, and the companies that sell are ensuring they are doing it in a safe ethical way.  We are a registered company with the Competition Bureau and our fabrics and clothing conform to Canadian Compliance regulations.  We work hard to ensure that our clothing is safe for you and your family.  If you don't know if someone is compliant, just ask - they should be able to tell you right away and provide you with their CA number and information on their fabrics.  It is your right as a consumer to ask the questions - and we are happy to help answer any questions you might have.
Contact Us
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us anytime, info@prairiewildsdotcom and we would be happy to help.  We look forward to making amazing clothing and accessories for your wild ones to enjoy.


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