Artist Profiles

PrairieWilds is committed to sourcing and partnering with Canadian Designers for our surface pattern designs.  We work very hard to bring to market some of the most unique and eclectic designs for you to enjoy.  Our passion is seeing our vision realized through these amazing designers. In the coming months we will be introducing new designers who will work with us on new collections, and many more exciting things to come! Thank you for supporting our company and for enjoying our fabric and clothing, we love what we do and we are so happy that you love us to!

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.   Louis Kahn

Amanda Schutz, Art Director, Illustrator, Artist

Amanda had worked with us since we opened our virtual doors and she is the creative partner behind Springhop and ChristmasWilds.  Her passion for surface pattern design was evident from our first meeting and we couldn't wait to get started.  Amanda is an accomplished professional, she heads her own design company, Curio Studio, in Edmonton, Alberta. While she directs and designs everything from ad campaigns to visual identities, her passion for illustration and surface patterns often touches her work. She has produced visual communication for a variety of clientele, her illustrations have appeared in three children’s books and her paintings exhibited internationally. Her main source of inspiration will always and forever be nature. // @amandaschutzie

Stephanie Simpson, Visual Artist, Illustrator, Videographer

We are excited to partner with Stephanie Simpson on our new swaddle designs, North American Plants and Solar System.  Stephanie is a visual artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is an active illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker.  Since 2015, Stephanie’s illustrations and photographs have been shown and sold throughout Alberta, where she has worked with the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Her illustration work is inspired by her local environment (think: architecture, parks, plants, and animals). This is her first foray into surface pattern design!  In 2017, she completed her first short film, This Is Not a Passport Photo, which follows Stephanie as she meets with and creates family photographs for resettled refugees living in Edmonton, Alberta. The film has been featured by news outlets across Canada and received the Digital Shorts top award for Alberta from STORYHIVE. @stephanie.illustrates


If you know a Canadian Designer who is interested in surface pattern design feel to reach out to us.  More to come soon...


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