Wholesale With PrairieWilds

Are you looking for wholesale??  YES we do offer wholesale through some amazing partners - check them out below, and check out our pages!

HandShake is Wholesale Direct from our website - enjoy special perks!

Shopping thru Handshake from our online store will get free shipping when they spend $100 on your first order with us, and a bonus $50 off when they spend $200!


Tundra anyone?  We have our shop located here and as a perk - new buyers get 15% off everything on the site for the first 30 days and you receive 5% Tundra promotion credit on all invitee shipments within the first 30 days. 

Tundra Wholesale brand Partner

Check out our brand shop on @helloabound!  And if you are a new wholesale partner you can get free shipping for a year from our shop and a $100.00 credit to our shop just for trying us out!  Check out the link below to learn more!

Our HelloAbound brand page - click below

HelloAbound PrairieWilds Wholesale Partner

Faire - an amazing partner, if you are on Faire check us out - if you are new apply!

Faire Wholesale brand Partner